What can laser skin treatments do for your skin?

Laser Skin Treatments

What can laser skin treatments do for your skin?

Laser Skin Treatments can help you get ready for summer!

Everyone wants to look their best, especially in the summer months when it’s time to hit the beaches in those bikinis and speedos. All this time in the sun, however, can lead to several skin problems. Reasons such as age, acne, scars, wrinkles, and exposure to too much sun are some of the factors that can ruin the look of your skin. Laser skin treatments might seem extreme but with all the technological advancements made today, it is easy and convenient for almost anyone to undergo!

How Can Laser Skin Treatment Help My Skin?

Laser treatments work by removing skin layers, one at a time. As healing occurs, new skin cells are formed helping give the skin a tighter, healthier looking appearance.

Laser skin treatments have many uses, some of which include:

  • Treating wrinkles: If age is finally catching up to you or you’ve spent too much time in the sun and you’re left with unsightly wrinkles, laser skin treatment can help smooth them out leaving you looking and feeling younger.
  • Helps with acne and acne scarring: Most people overcome acne as they leave adolescence behind, however, this doesn’t happen in some cases. Laser skin treatment can help remove acne and/or acne scarring to leave your skin softer and smoother. Teenagers with bad cases of acne can also use laser skin treatment to alleviate their problem.
  • Treats sun damage: Too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles and blotches on the skin. Lasers are used to remove the top layer of skin, eliminating the imperfections and leaving your skin looking healthier and more natural.
  • Improves skin tone: If you suffer from blotchy, spotty, and uneven skin tone, then laser skin treatment can help. It helps even out your skin tone and complexion, removing the blotches and spots and leaving your skin looking perfect.
  • Removes age/brown spots: Ageing can be difficult enough without having to experience unsightly aging/brown spots. Lasers can assist in the lightening or removal of these spots so your skin can look as young as you feel.
  • Treats precancerous lesions: Lesions involve abnormal skin cells which are associated with cancers such as melanoma (a form of skin cancer). Lasers can effectively treat and remove these cells by vaporising the top layers of your skin to help prevent cancerous cells from forming.
  • Removes tattoos: Have a tattoo you regret getting? Laser skin treatment can remove the tattoos by removing the top layer of skin where the ink embedded therefore erasing the tattoo so you won’t have to see it again!
  • Tightens skin: Age, losing weight rapidly, etc. can cause your skin to loosen over time. Laser skin treatment can help tighten the skin giving you younger and fresher looking skin.
  • Removes scars: Scars from operations, accidents, acne, etc. can look unattractive and cause you to cover up. Lasers can help by stimulating collagen production to help smooth the skin. This will visibly reduce the scar and improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Reduces lumps and bumps: To treat lumps and bumps, lasers can slice layers off the skin until the lump or bump has reached your normal skin level, effectively reducing it in size. This only works with benign lumps and bumps.

Laser skin treatments can help treat a number of skin problems and imperfections. In the hands of a trained professional, lasers can work wonders for your skin, leaving it smoother, clearer, and softer to touch – just in time for the beach this summer!

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