Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo Burwood, Sydney

Vaser Liposculpture is designed to be gentle on the body for smooth textured and eye-catching body contours.

Vaser Lipo Burwood, Sydney

Most people struggle with small pockets of stubborn fat that no amount of exercise and healthy eating will get rid of. At Zen Medispa in Sydney, we offer Vaser Liposculpture, a body sculpting treatment that is not only precise but also minimally invasive.

What is Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Lipo is designed to be gentle on the body and gives our clients the smooth texture and eye-catching body contours they desire in just one treatment.

What areas can be treated with Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Lipo can help treat the following areas:

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Breasts
  • Male chest
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Outer and inner thighs
  • Knees
  • Upper and lower back
  • Buttocks and buttocks crease

How should I prepare for Vaser Lipo?

Here at Zen Medispa, our doctors recommend that you should be at your ideal weight before the procedure takes place. It is also recommended to try avoid pain medication that is anti-inflammatory and avoid smoking a month before your Vaser Lipo procedure.

How does Vaser Lipo work?

Vaser Lipo uses advanced technology that produces Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy (VASER) to dissolve unwanted fat with precision before it is suctioned out.

The advantages of Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo has several advantages over the non-surgical technique as it often only requires one procedure. There is the added benefit of skin tightening which, does not occur with the injections, making it a more suitable procedure for an individual with loose skin. Vaser Lipo is virtually pain-free, comfortable and can improve the elasticity of your skin.

The disadvantages and side effects of Vaser Lipo

  • Some soreness can be felt in the treated area two to five days after the Vaser Lipo treatment which can be eased off with the consumption of pain medication
  • Some people experience a slight ache for one to four weeks after the Vaser Lipo treatment
  • Swelling takes some time to settle
  • Repeating the Vaser Lipo procedure can become very costly
  • Only a limited amount of fat can be removed during each Vaser Lipo treatment
  • Sometimes the final results may only be noticed months after the procedure occurs

Vaser Lipo FAQs

Vaser Lipo is less invasive and painful in comparison to traditional liposuction. Using ultrasonic technology, it keeps intact the important tissues while targeting unwanted fat in problematic areas.

Patients who undergo Vaser liposuction will receive either local anaesthetic, a general anaesthetic or conscious sedation. Thereafter, a small incision will be made in the skin and the specific area to be treated will be filled with a medicated solution. The fat cells are then exposed to ultrasound energy which breaks them down and emulsifies them. They are then removed from the body using a gentle suction process while leaving the surrounding tissues intact and giving you smooth contours with less pain and recovery time.

We recommend that you wear your compression/support garments for 24 hours a day for at lease the first few weeks after your treatment. The bandages should be kept for about one to two weeks after the Vaser lipo. Remember the traditional liposuction creates blood clots by rupturing veins and requires that compression bandages be worn for an additional four weeks. Vaser liposuction is far less traumatic for the connective tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels, significantly reducing swelling and bruising.

You will be admitted to a day hospital for your procedure. However, if only small areas need to be treated, you may opt to have your procedure in the clinic.

We offer General, Sedation or Local Anaesthetic. Your surgeon will discuss with you the best anaesthetic for your procedure.

Results will vary between individuals depending on the area that was treated and how much fat was removed. Typically, once the swelling has subsided results can be seen, usually 3-4 weeks post-surgery. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you realistic expectations post-surgery.

Our general recommendations are as follows:

  • Minimum of 1 week if you have a low impact desk job
  • Minimum of 2 – 4 weeks if your job requires manual labour or physical activity, i.e. retail assistant, school teacher or personal trainer

Please discuss returning to work with your surgeon to ensure that you receive accurate advice.

Our general recommendation is to ensure that you get up frequently for short walks post-surgery to assist with blood circulation.

You may start to introduce low impact activity such a walking on the treadmill or cycling, however, high impact activity should not resume until a minimum of 4 weeks post-surgery.

Please discuss your exercise regime with your surgeon to ensure that you receive accurate advice.

Once the fat has been removed from the desired areas, it is permanently removed. It is necessary for the body that a layer of fat remains. However, should you gain weight following Vaser Liposculpture, it will tend to distribute proportionally through your body and remaining fat tissue may expand. Your surgeon will strongly suggest that you uphold a consistently healthy diet and lifestyle after the procedure to maintain optimum results.

Vaser Lipo | Burwood

Do you struggle with small amounts of body fat that no amount of exercise or dieting can get rid of?  Then please consider the Vaser Lipo treatment offered at Zen Medispa in Sydney. Join us for a consult with our profession team of doctors to find out which treatment is most suitable for your needs.

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