Cosmetic Surgery for Asians

Asian Cosmetic Surgery Sydney

Zen Medispa offers various cosmetic surgery options for our Asian patients

Zen Medispa has our patient’s best interests at heart. Our Chinese speaking doctors, Dr Daniel and Dr Huy, will ensure you fully understand everything you need to know about the treatments and procedures you wish to have. Additionally, we understand that Asian beauty standards are different from the needs and desires of Western patients. We understand these differences and offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

One of our most popular Asian cosmetic surgeries is Vaser Lipo to refine and contour your chin to bring balance to your facial features. We also offer non-surgical treatment options to enhance and refine your face structure. Another popular request of our Asian clients is to augment their nose shape. By using dermal fillers, we are able to help you achieve your desired look by creating a higher nose bridge or elongating the nose to provide a more feminine appearance. Additionally, these fillers can be used to reshape your jawline and raise your cheekbones. If you are wanting to refine your chin, we offer fat-dissolving injections to sculpt the lower half of your face.

Surgery options for Asian patients

The most popular surgical procedures for Asian patients are:

Non-surgical treatment options for Asian patients

We also provide a whole array of skin treatments that can help to our Asian patients achieve smoother and younger looking skin. Click here to discover our full range of skin treatments.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr Huy Tang and Dr Daniel Kwok both hold their respective medical degrees from the University of Sydney and have undertaken extensive training to gain their qualifications and experience in Cosmetic Surgery. In addition to these local qualifications, they have all completed a Fellowship program at the Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery. With Korea being the leaders of cosmetic surgery in Asia, our surgeons have a unique insight into the anatomy and personal goals of their Asian patients that may be overlooked elsewhere. Armed with the coupling of both Australian and Asian qualifications, they are able to truly understand the individual needs of their patients to produce optimal results.

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Asian Cosmetic Surgery Sydney

Are you wanting to enhance your natural beauty to achieve the look you’ve always wanted? Our Asian cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatment options can help you achieve your goals. Book an appointment with us at Zen Medispa Sydney and start your cosmetic journey today.