Double Chin Treatments

Double Chin Treatment Burwood, Sydney

Get rid of that Double Chin with both surgical and non-surgical double chin treatments.

What is a double chin?

A double chin is also known as submental fat. It refers to the layer of fat that forms below your chin. The appearance of a “double chin” is a common problem in both men and women and can be extremely depressing as it is an area that is often resistant to diet and exercise.

What causes a double chin?

Double chins are the result of excess fat, skin that hangs/sags, weight gain, genetics, or skin becoming loose from the ageing process.

Types of treatments available

At Zen Medispa situated in Sydney, we offer both surgical and non-surgical methods to help get rid of this stubborn submental fat, resulting in a more sculpted jawline and a younger and slimmer you.

Jawline sculpting can be achieved by either traditional liposuction or non-invasive fat melting injections.

Our treatments for a double chin include:

Vaser liposuction of the chin

Fat dissolving injections

This treatment is preferred by some individuals as it is non-surgical.

How do fat dissolving injections work?

This product is made up of deoxycholic acid (DA), which is a natural substance in the body that breaks down dietary fat. A series of DA injections are administered under the chin after a topical anaesthetic has been applied.

How long would it take to start seeing results?

Visible improvements are usually seen within 2 to 4 treatments which take place at least 6 weeks apart.

Are my results permanent?

Yes, once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot store or accumulate fat.

What are the benefits/advantages of fat dissolving injections?

  • No down time or a small amount of down time required
  • No leaking wounds
  • No incisions
  • No anaesthesia required
  • A defined jawline
  • Permanent results

If you have a double chin that you want to get rid of, our cosmetic clinic in Burwood has options for you!

Before and after pictures

Double Chin Treatments FAQs

The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Yes, in most cases patients are allowed to return home straight after the procedure and resume normal activities.

Fat dissolving injections are extremely safe with no reported long-term side effects.

The injections can cause, redness, swelling and bruising which can take several days to heal. Some patients also experience numbness or tenderness in the target area which may take several months to recover. You may want to schedule your treatment towards the end of your working week to give the swelling a chance to subside before your return to work.

Double Chin | Burwood

Do you want to get rid of that double chin? Make an appointment with one of our cosmetic doctors at Zen Medispa in Sydney to discuss which treatment option is right for you. Book your appointment with our team today!

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