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Remove drooping skin or excess fat in difficult access area with AccuTite precise treatment.

AccuTite is a cosmetic device designed by InMode for easing skin-tightening and fat reduction.
AccuTite device consists of a miniscule probe that measures only 0.9 mm in diameter. AccuTite is the smallest such device available in the market currently. This device operates by using RFAL – radiofrequency assisted lipolysis- technology.

AccuTite Procedure

AccuTite procedure involves application of heat in highly precise quantities to areas of the body that are normally difficult to access for skin tightening and fat reduction. Drooping skin or excess fat in such areas can be easily and effectively removed using AccuTite.

AccuTite Offers Precise Skin and Fat Treatment on the Face and Body

Some common areas where AccuTite treatment offers the best results include brows, jawline, eyelids, neck, and the lower parts of the face. It is also used to reduce fat or tighten the skin under the eyes, bra line, hands and arms, inner thighs, and nasolabial folds.

Difference Between AccuTite and BodyTite

BodyTite is also a treatment for reducing fat and tightening loose skin. But AccuTite differs from the former in its ability to treat hard-to-treat areas with efficient precision.

AccuTite is an In-Office Procedure

Treatment is undertaken by a doctor with support staff to help the patient. Treatment areas on the body are confirmed upon arrival. Oral medications, if needed for relaxation or pain, are administered.
During the procedure, body areas except those that need to be treated, are covered with sterile sheets. The procedure is then performed. Patients are discharged on the same day, once they are comfortable.
If you have taken oral medication, then assistance of a family member is recommended for 24 hours post procedure.

Key Advantages of AccuTite Procedure

  • Most effective treatment for those hard-to-reach areas of the face and body, which would otherwise require surgery
  • Minimally invasive – no need for excisional surgery
  • Faster process undertaken in an office setting – treatment time varies between 20 and 90 minutes
  • Use of only local anesthesia
  • Results can be witnessed almost immediately. Detailed transformation can be seen in about 6 weeks after the treatment. Results can last up to a period of 5 years.

Drawbacks of AccuTite Procedure

As application of heat is involved, burns are a common concern for patients considering AccuTite. But AccuTite is designed to incorporate sensor technologies, which makes risk of burns less likely.
Even in the rarest case of an undesirable temperature increase, the device is designed to stop functioning automatically.
Possible complications of AccuTite include skin injury, numbness, reactive nodules, infection and seroma.

People with sagging skin, aging concerns and excess body fat before AccuTite treatment can experience effective results after the treatment.
AccuTite is based on RFAL technology, which is a clinically-reviewed and well-established method of treatment. The design of AccuTite ensures extreme safety – the device enables skin contraction through the use of precise, uniform and gentle heat application.
AccuTite offers an effective alternative for people looking to address their skin and fat issues without surgery. AccuTite is the most minimally invasive treatment currently available. The treatment does not leave patients with huge unsightly scars.

AccuTite FAQs

Patients usually report minimal discomfort. Any pain caused is mostly due to the anesthesia administered locally before initiating the procedure. Pain medication may be recommended for the first 2 days after the procedure.

Some benefits of AccuTite can be witnessed immediately after the procedure. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to witness major changes. Final results are usually visible in about 6 months.

Time taken depends on the number of body areas to be treated. The average time taken for the procedure is 60 to 90 minutes.

A healthy lifestyle can prolong AccuTite results til 5 years. Further treatments may be required.

AccuTite results can be witnessed as long as you do not have a drastic weight fluctuation.

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