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What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a condition that can affect any part of your body. It can cause your skin to scale, itch and crack, and could be quite troublesome to have. Dry skin could also be a result of an underlying medical condition.

What causes dry skin?

There are many factors that cause or exacerbate dry skin conditions but one of the biggest is age. As we get older, our skin fails to produce the same amount of natural oils and lubrication as it did when we were younger. As a result, our skin can become dry and flaky, leading to intense itchiness and irritation. Dehydration, hot water, certain chemicals, dry weather conditions and sun exposure can make these problems even worse.

Types of dry skin

Dermatitis is a medical term for extremely dry and inflamed skin. Symptoms often include redness, itchiness and blistering. While it’s not contagious, dermatitis can make sufferers feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Contact dermatitis occurs when the skin comes into contact with something that causes an allergic reaction. Atopic dermatitis, on the other hand, is a more persistent condition often called eczema, which usually emerges in early childhood and often eases off in adulthood.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is mostly common in infants and occurs when the skin produces too much of oil. It usually causes a red and scaly rash to appear on the scalp.

Eczema is a skin condition that is common among children. It causes dry scaly patches on your skin.

Can creams, ointments or lotions help treat dry skin?

Lotions are usually the lightest of all these topical treatments and contain water as well as oil. This makes them less effective in combatting dry skin than either creams or ointments which have a higher oil content. For effective relief of dry skin, your moisturiser needs to contain both oils and lipids, as well as something that draws moisture in, such as glycerine.

Why does dry skin get worse in the winter?

When the air outside is dry and cold, the moisture in your skin evaporates more readily, which is why many people suffer with dry skin more in the winter than during the summer. For older people, this can progress into winter itch, which is an uncomfortable condition of generalised itching all over the body. This is primarily caused by dry skin and affects the elderly most severely due to them having fewer natural oils in the skin to protect it.

What clinical treatment could be recommended for treating dry skin?

While there are no treatments specifically aimed at dry skin, those that focus on general skin regeneration can produce beneficial results for dry skin sufferers.

The IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment, available at Zen Medispa in Sydney, uses a non-invasive technique to improve the overall quality, texture and health of your skin. The heat from the laser encourages the production of collagen which can help in the battle against dry skin.

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